Transition Service

Transition Service: 18-25 years

We strongly believe that it should be a given, that disabled young adults have the right to access opportunities and activities in exactly the same way as their mainstream peers. We are thrilled to now have a new service for 18-25 year olds. This service works in the same way as our personal support service, offering disabled young adults support to access whatever they choose.
Our staffs are very dedicated and are trained specifically in working with disabled adults, providing a responsive, dynamic service which offers creative opportunities.  As well as leisure and social activities, this service can provide support for disabled young adults to enable them to access other areas, such as College and other Educational opportunities. We are also happy to offer support to attend medical appointments and anything else that would be helpful.
We recognise that turning 18 can be a daunting time for anyone as you can suddenly be expected to be an adult. We realise that for those with disabilities it may be even more difficult, and our aim is to provide consistent, reliable support during this time, as well as fun!

To find out more, please call Louise Redman on 01932 567131.

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