Your donations will help ensure that we can continue to run our much needed hydropool, this will help ensure that all the babies, children and adults with disabilities who use our hydro pool can continue to make a splash.  For many, the moments spent in the hydro pool with our therapists are pure moments of happiness, freedom, pain relief and independence.

Just imagine the support, comfort and therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy to those who often have restricted movement and limbs in pain. Nationwide a growing number of these specialised facilities are closing down. The hydro pool at White Lodge Centre is in constant use with over 400 people currently accessing it. It costs us £100 a day just to keep the hydro pool open to ensure anyone who needs to make a splash and experience the unique benefits of hydrotherapy can.

See how our hydropool is transfroming lives for Daisy and Alfie.

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  • £35


    £35 is the cost of a specialist nursery worker to support a disabled child for two hours.

  • £50

    Hydrotherapy pool

    £50 for one session in the hydrotherapy pool for a disabled child

  • £100

    Physiotherapy sessions

    £100 for two physiotherapy sessions for a disabled child

  • £5
  • £10
  • £20
  • £50
  • £100
  • £200

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