Our Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives

Our Strapline 

Enabling Ability

Our Vision 

A world which is inclusive to all, regardless of ability

Mission Statement

We provide services and support that enable those with a range od disabilities, their families and carers to lead fulfilling lives.

Our Values

E  Encourage - We encourage and enable people to achieve as rewarding lives as possible

N  Nurture - We provide our services in a friendly, caring and supportive environment

A  Alliances - We respect and value each other. We form strong alliances and collaborate with a variety of organisations and individuals to cultivate and strengthen our services and support

B  Believe - We believe in being open and honest, working with integrity at all times to earn vital trust from the families, carers and individuals we support

L  Listen - By listening we constantly adapt, diversify and evolve our services and environments to best meet the needs of our users, their families and carers

E  Excellence - We continually strive for excellence in all that we do through the expertrise, experience and professionalism of our team and support network

Our Objectives

  • To deliver appropriate high quality, cost effective services to benefit people’s physical, social and emotional well being
  • To actively involve service users to tell us what they want
  • To ensure White Lodge stays at the forefront of its field by continually developing our staff and volunteers
  • To share our knowledge and skills by informing others
  • To work with and support community groups so that local people understand who we are and what we do
  • To work in partnership with other voluntary, statutory and business organisations, service users, parents and carers
  • To ensure disabled children, young people and adults, families and carers feel supported in the services we offer
  • To offer a wide range of services and activities to disabled adults which meet their expectations
  • To ensure disabled children and young people flourish and achieve their potential
  • To ensure all staff and volunteers are trained to meet the needs of the organisation
  • To ensure high quality services and safety is achieved across the organisation
  • To provide a welcoming, friendly and accessible environment
  • To maintain financial stability and a healthy cash flow
  • To promote White Lodge to the wider community

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