Physiotherapy and Fitness


Therapy and fitness programmes at Rendezvous are tailored around your requirements, with both individual and group therapy sessions available. After an initial assessment and consultation with our specialist neurological physiotherapist, your tailored programme will be compiled. Our aim is to help you achieve your best, so realistic and achievable short and long-term goals are set with you and your family and, with regular reviews, we’ll help you achieve these goals. Whatever your fitness level or ability, our newly built, spacious gym at Rendezvous is here for you. 

Man & Lady in GymFitness packages from an integral part of the range of therapies available and can be used not only to develop your physical strength, but also your confidence. We have a variety of accessible equipment, such as Motomed, balance trainer and treadmill with an overhead hoisting system. We also have well equipped bathrooms with showers and hoists where a physiotherapist will be able to help with your independence.

We’re proud to have our own qualified Fitness Instructor who has experience with neurological and other long-term conditions. A baseline assessment with your instructor will involve identifying difficulties and current fitness levels; fitness goals will be discussed and agreed and a tailored fitness programme established.

Our Adult Therapy and Fitness leaflet is available here.

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