We have been there for the most vulnerable disabled children, adults and their families throughout the pandemic, now can you be there for White Lodge?

During these extremely challenging times we have continued to support and care for the most vulnerable children, adults and their families. Their needs are such that it’s been imperative that we have been there to support them and their families.

Through the dedication of our multi-skilled teams we continued to run a variety of support services throughout the pandemic , including:

  • Respite in our short breaks centre “Treetops”, which was opened safely just after two weeks into lockdown
  • Our specialist all-inclusive nursery for our young disabled children and their families who needed critical support
  • A variety of holiday clubs during the half term break and summer holiday break for our most vulnerable children
  • Remote support using video technology to support both the disabled individuals and their carers including remote NeuroFit workout sessions and a child therapy virtual hub
  • Where video consultations haven’t been available we have provided regular phone support and have visited people at home on their doorsteps.
  • Now lockdown is easing we are slowly reintroducing all our services into the new normal

“We are hugely grateful for the support White Lodge and the Treetops staff have been able to give us since lockdown started. We probably wouldn’t have survived this with all our marbles intact without them”

Treetops Parent

We have received some fantastic community support through our “Stay at Home Hero” appeal that we launched at the start of the pandemic which has helped to sustain us during this period and allowed us to support the most vulnerable people.

However, whilst we have survived the initial storm the next phase is less certain. With many events being cancelled and the economic outlook being so bleak our fundraising is inevitably taking a huge hit. It is therefore vital that as we continue to offer more support and services to those the most in need, that we raise further funds to ensure we can be there for everyone who relies on us.  That we simply “Keep on Caring”.

“I can’t wait to get back to White Lodge for my therapy and to see my friends and the great staff. Being disabled I have always experienced isolation to some degree, but this situation has made things even more challenging as I can’t get out the house and visit White Lodge. I have been benefiting from their online support but it’s not the same, I can’t wait to return”

Adult service user

Can you be there for White Lodge? Can you support this much loved and needed charity that supports people of all ages with disabilities across Surrey and beyond? Can you help us ensure all our services can open again to everyone who needs them? or could you or your organisation consider support for White Lodge through some fundraising activities? Please consider a donation to this wonderful charity .

“White Lodge’s support during the pandemic has been a lifeline to both my husband and I. Their friendship and advice has kept me positive and helped my husband stay motivated. During lockdown they used Zoom calls to show and advise me how to support him and they loaned us a specialist MOTOmed exercise bike to maintain his strength and mobility”

Wife of adult service user

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