Keep Us Moving - The Big Give 2018

November 27th, 2018

Keep Us Moving

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One donation, twice the impact!

We are so excited to be selected for the Big Give Christmas Challenge this year where donations are DOUBLED during 27th Nov – 4th Dec through match funding. 

“We live in continual pain, suffer from weak and underused muscles, lack of balance and co-ordination and often have brain seizures. Between us we have a range of disabilities from MS and Parkinsons to Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida, but some of us have experienced accidents or life events that have brought us to White Lodge”

Hear what Stewart has to say….
A horrific car accident left me with brain damage and unable to walk, but with help from White Lodge I’m proving the doctors wrong.

Hi I’m Stewart, please take a moment to read my story then hopefully you’ll make a donation and support people like me with disabilities across Surrey.

Briefly, here’s my story. Like most people I was getting on with life, enjoying my new career and spending time with loved ones. I was 25 and had the world at my feet.  Then one October day in 2007 my life took a devastating turn.  I was driving to work when I sadly lost control of my car on a sharp bend and span into an oncoming lorry. I can’t remember a thing but somehow I survived. However, I had irreparable brain damage and my family were told that I would remain in a vegetative state for the rest of my life. I spent five years in a hospital for neuro disability.
Fast forward to October 2018 and with five years of support from the amazing team at White lodge I took my first step, this was something the doctors said would never be possible.  Not only that, I can now talk a few words and can spell out words using my hand.
White Lodge has been my saviour. I just wish more people knew about this amazing place and I hope that by telling my story, that more people who may sadly need their services know that’s there’s a place to turn to.

Quite simply the unique fitness and rehabilitation services we receive here keep us moving. But we really need your support, these services are not fully funded and we have to fundraise every year to keep us moving. We are looking to raise £12,000 to support our lifeline services and as part of the Big Give all donations are doubled, so we would receive £24,000 that would do so much good.

Please donate here between 12 noon on 27th November and noon on 4th December and have your donation DOUBLED.

If you would like to read more details about my story and others that White Lodge support, just click on the faces below.
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