Service Co-ordinators at White Lodge

Muriel Brown
Facilities Co-ordinator
Tel: 01932 567131 

Amy Herring

Amy Herring
Out of School Activities Co-ordinator
Tel: 01932 567131

Sarah LyleSarah Lyle
Rendezvous (Adult & Community Services) Co-ordinator
Tel: 01932 577996

Pat MitchellPat Mitchell
Moving & Handling Advice Team Co-ordinator
Tel: 01932 577992

Sarah Norman

Sarah Norman
Therapy Team Co-ordinator
Tel 01932 567131

Mari Passchier
Nursery Co-ordinator
Tel:01932 567131 

Danielle Pullan
Treetops Co-ordinator
Tel: 01932 568365 

Marsha WallisMarsha Wallis
Acting Domiciliary Manager and Co-ordinator 
Tel: 01932 567131


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