Our team is still here to support you via our Virtual Hub during this challenging time

White Lodge Virtual Hub gives the clinicians a private and professional space to be able to demonstrate, advice and guide parents via video call on therapy treatment ideas and exercises for their child.  We have life-like dolls that we can model positioning and handling to help guide parents on what to do with their own child.  We can also demonstrate equipment and how to use different toys and activities to optimise their child’s participation in their therapy program and continue to achieve their therapy goals.

Our children’s therapy team at White Lodge offers therapies for young children with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy or similar neurological conditions involving motor disabilities. Before the crisis we would encourage family & friends to be involved in our treatment sessions, to enable carry over at home and in everyday life.

Due to the nature of our services there is criteria and age relevance, every child is assessed on an individual basis so please contact the therapy team for advice.

Services we offer (once we are fully operational again)